Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, In Summation

Before we step foot into '09, we thought it only fair to pay tribute to '08. Skimming through the past year of bloggity posts, this is how design boner sums up 2008:

We take a lot of cat photos. Sorry. We are not crazy cat people. Really. We just love our little beasts and find them excellent Weekend Photo material.

We also seemed to have two minor obsessions with an odd pair of celebrities: Cindy Crawford and Christian Bale. Cindy, we poked due to her new line of overstuffed furniture and tendency to deny her children. Christian, well, plainly put: he's big time sexy time and worth the double mention.

Getting back to reality (or virtual reality, rather), we picked up a couple new and vocal readers. We want to give e-hugs to DNfromMN, Lady Briggles, and, most recently, Preston, for reading often and not being shy to comment. Preston even gave us an award! Mucho merci to you all!

Porcelain's past year of posts reveal her big quests to be finding a bed and a table...a table...and a bed. She's still scouting for a bed frame (suggestions welcome!) but November saw the addition of a new dining/work table into her space. One down!

Cardboard's Dining Room/Office, In Transition

I, on the other hand, have been needing to clean house. This past year has been a series of now you have it/now you don'ts so I need to re-center around what's really important. Two of my big missions have been to budget my spending and to fix what is broken (literally and symbolically) in my home.

Then design boner turned two! Naturally, P & me * drank a crapload of Michigan beer and constructed an even bigger fleet of paper airplanes.

As for general '08 trend alerts, Porcelain dived into ceramics, glass, and paper for the walls. I posted often about rugs but went plain C-R-A-Z-Y for lighting.
Lastly, we really got into our Flings. These not-necessarily-design-related mementos create much fun and laughter in this little blog so focused on bed frames and lights. We found new artists, rehashed memories, and even met a couple Fantastic Men. We might call them Flings but that doesn't mean we don't love 'em.

Welcome to 2009!

* Grammar sacrificed for rhyme.

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Torque said...

The feelings are mutual Cardboard! Both you and Porcelain are pretty amazing. Best wishes for both of you and Design Boner in the New Year! Happy 2009!