Friday, June 27, 2008

Pears, Lit

Ah, two of my favorite things together: pears and lamps. This conceptual Pear Light by Brooklyn designer, Nick Foley, is something I might design, if I had any idea about how to do so and was kinda a genius.

The "tree" is hand-forged hollow steel. Each piece of "fruit" contains bright white LEDs and an autonomous charging circuit. This means that the bulbs can be picked and will still retain their glow for up to an hour.

The tree can hold, by way of magnets, three pears at a time. When the fruit is on the tree, it's also charging the bulbs.

Pears and light; technology and beauty. Yeah, right, I could come up with this...

1 comment:

Eric R. Rickert said...

this is groovy. also a super easy DIY, methinks.