Tuesday, October 06, 2009

IKEA's white flooring

Inspired by these photos to have white floors in your home?! I recently noticed that IKEA offers a couple of flooring options in the very Scandinavian-chic shade of white. For an ultra-sleek look go with the Markland. For a slightly more rustic vibe, choose the aptly named Tundra.

All photos courtesy of Living Etc.



i dream of white floors. yum.

Erin said...

I can appreciate all white, but I need COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!

Anonymous said...

why does everything have to be white. I thought we had finally gotten over that. Have you lived in a home with white walls and children??? It looks old really fast and very cold in the winter time. the definition and warmth color gives is needed. badly.

DesignRightNow said...

White floors make for great editorial images but are they really in anyway practical? I guess if you have a maid who is constantly cleaning or if traffic in the space means no shoes then sure! Great images!

Katie said...

Who knew white floors could be so controversial?!

I think white shows less dirt and grime than black. I have a black coffee table and anytime there is a ring from a glass or some food droppage it sticks out like a sore thumb.

phong said...

My house has that kind of floor. Very industrial. A little janky but charming.


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Casa Très Chic said...

White floors are gorgeous, but we must be careful when using it, I just posted a comment like this on Simply Brookes.
Anyway, I love it.
Hugs from Brasil