Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Graceful Update

Little Grace is still missing. My sister (and her long-time friend) are losing hope. New DB reader Becky wrote in to tell us that she's always consulted St. Francis about her cat concerns. A quick google search tells me that St. Francis is not only the patron saint of animals but also of Colorado. Hear that, Alison Rose & Mr. Sketch? That's the sound of a good sign fluttering by!

I feel so helpless being so far away from the action or lack thereof. So I'll sit here in Chicago and make silent requests to Francis to hurry up and bring Grace home. If the price tag wasn't such a killer, I'd also buy this garden ornament and tell them to fill it with CatMilk.

Thanks, Becky, for the wisdom and happy thoughts.


Porcelain said...

My Papa used to have a little statue of St. Francis in our garden where we grew up.

Fingers crossed and prayers to St. Francis that Grace is found soon.

Bree said...

Man, that is the WORST. I'm so sorry for your sister and her friend, and hope Grace is just on some cat mission that will soon be completed. Fingers xed here in CO.

nessie said...

My message to the universe: