Monday, December 01, 2008

Seeking Grace

My sister's cat, Grace, has been missing since last Tuesday. She's a little indoor princess so the idea of her being out in the Ohio cold is heart-breaking.

If you live in the Columbus area, please keep an eye out for her and grab her if you see her. If you have any information at all, EMAIL US NOW.
Lost : 11/25/2008
Status = Found!!!
Cat , Female

Where Lost : Ohio , Franklin County
Specific Location:
area of Columbus, OH.
Near King Ave. and Ashland

Report Created on: 11/27/2008

Pet Name: Grace
Color: white
Features: Not spayed
Height: Medium: 1-2'
Weight: 5-10 lbs
Coat: Short , Smooth
Age: 7 years
Collar: None


Preston said...

She is so sweet. I hope you guys find her. If it helps any, cats are very resourceful, even indoor cats.

Ana said...

I hope you find her soon, please let us know when you do.

tula said...

all of my thoughts are with your sister and grace. xoxo