Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gift Catalog: Harry & David

Thanks to writing this blog and our incorrigible online shopping habits, Porcelain and I often find ourselves at the top of random catalog mailing lists. It seems to get even worse during the holidays.

In the spirit of making lemonade from these mass-mailed lemons, we're going to post our favorite gift items from each glossy we receive this season.

Check out our picks from Harry & David...

With seven varieties of English muffins, this gift basket is bound to have nooks and crannies for every taste. Porcelain would also like to remind us that, "Everyone loves carbs! Unless you can't eat gluten." Sorry, Amy!

Cardboard: Pears and Blue Cheeses

I'm going with this collection because it's simple. The fact that one of the cheeses is called Oregonzola® and that Newsweek Magazine declares Royal Riviera® pears to be "simply the best pears ever" does not play into my decision at all.

So, if money were no object, what would you buy?

1 comment:

Cance said... mom signed me up for their fruit of the month deal when i was living in alaska...and it was amazing. i ordered some of their gift baskets for christmas a couple years ago. very pricey, but always goes over well.

yea for having grace back home safe and sound!