Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weekend Plans #1: Holiday DEPART-ment!

It's Holiday DEPART-ment time! This 3-day craft extravaganza is taking place this weekend. Here are some key details:
at AV-aerie (formerly open-end gallery)
2000 W. Fulton #310 (third floor), Chicago
Friday, Nov 30, 7-11p
Saturday + Sunday, Dec 1+2, 11a-5p
cash only/atm onsite

Not only will I be shopping there for unique gifts but I'll be selling stuff too. For the first time in a year, Love Lights are back on the shelves. "Satin Chains" is still available (a big pink Yay!) but "Wild Roses" has been sold (sorry!).

Love Lights = $12 each

Mama Cardboard has joined the craft movement. She's adding in a couple knitted grocery bags:

Grocery Bags = $20 each

...and super sweet felted bowls in four sizes and a multitude of colors:

Felted bowls = $6 - $18

Mama C also makes a mean pair of fingerless wool mitts and retro-lovin' legwarmers (see below, left).

Mitts = $14/pair; Legwarmers = $16/pair; Alison Rose T's = $15 - $30

Also, there's a good chance Alison Rose will be sending me some T-shirts to sell too (see above, right). I'm patiently staring at the mailbox (fingers crossed!) for her box of merch to arrive.

For more info on how DEPART-ment works or to take part in the next one, read this great little interview with Craft Magazine.

* For the first person (other than Porcelain) to find my head in this photo, I promise to donate $10 (or a box of nails) to Habitat for Humanity in your name. Happy hunting!


Porcelain said...

OOo, tricky! Took me awhile to spot you!

mama c. said...

Are you in the back, peeking over shoulder of white trenchcoat....?

(Don't think alisonrose is coming through this year - too many local shows are keeping them very busy. Buy them off the website!)

cardboard said...

Haha, I should have said "(other than Porcelain or Moms)!"

Yep, you found me so I will get busy gift wrapping my nails for Mama C (and you know that's what I'm going to put on the donation card)!

And the Alison Rose website is:

Mama Cardboard said...

Can't wait to see how things sell! Good luck to us all!

alison said...

Sorry we couldn't come through with some shirts and stuff this time around, but keeping Ohio-ians stocked on the Ohio mixtape tee has proven very time consuming! Best of luck with your goods, can't wait to hear how it goes!

Devon said...

i didn't feel like i could be part of the family until i made a post here... go DEPART-ment!