Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Breaking the Pier 1 Prohibition

Porcelain let you all in on her Pier 1 trauma a few weeks ago. I just happened to be checking out their site and found some (shhhhh) fun stuff. I figure if I show it all to you now, while Porcelain is still out of the country, she won't have to suffer. Here we go:

LOVE the off-centered handle slot!

So shapely, like an elongated pear. Also available in white.

The shape reminds me of Japanese Tori but I'm pretty sure the gates weren't made from MDF.

Sand Clip Lamp

A chic, snazzy clamp lamp alternative. Not half bad but I do wonder how sturdy it is...

The Vega Series is working for me right now. I like all the little cubbies/drawers, dark wood, and boxy shapes. The Prairie School nod is appreciated. Besides the end table and storage chest seen here, Pier 1 also provides the Vega style in coffee table, console, media cabinet, and desk.
Vega Storage (on sale!)

And who doesn't love a store that sells a Recycled Glass Head?


katiedid said...

I am totally thinking they must have a new director of design or something! Way better stuff lately! I am thinking about some barstools I saw for $89!

Anonymous said...

oh no, don't make me have to go to Pier 1 to get that cool trunk with the off-center handle...

if I do force myself inside, I'll have to stomach my g/f's snide refrain of "shopping in a wicker wonderland"...


Katie said...


They are STILL selling that damn glass head!?!?!?!?!?!? HAHHAHA!

I do like the lamps! Nice finds Cardboard!