Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gimage: Welcome Back, Porcelain!

I hope you are entirely well-rested and fully caught up on all your trashy beach reading. I expect you're now an expert on contemporary Caribbean design and I bet you have the photos to prove it. I hope you brought back some sand, a tan, and somethin' sparkly for yourself. Most of all, I hope your return yielded some good Hardwood snuggles and that you are now ready to jump right back into DB.

I missed you, buddy. Welcome home.

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Katie said...

Yay! I'm back, relaxed, refreshed and have tan lines! I don't think I've had tan lines since high school. I didn't get around to reading the Victoria Beckham autobiography like I had planned. So maybe I'll just have to hit the beaches of Chicago and read that tome of amazing writing!! :) Missed you too!