Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Translation: Flowers cut short

There were several great ideas featuring flowers in the February issue of Domino. The easiest one was about cutting flowers and putting all the focus on the on the blooms. It's a simple idea that anyone can do.

Later in the week, I grabbed a bouquet of irises, snipped the stems and placed them in my favorite new vase I bought at DEPART-ment. Here's the result.

Domino's example

Porcelain's version

It was a fast, easy project and every time I walked past the flowers I smiled. Domino reminded me how much I love irises and this was a simple way to change up the way I normally display them.

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Mary Shedding said...

Cutting them right down like that gives a really nice effect, better than gangly stems which can look a bit untidy.