Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mama C's NO CATS ALLOWED Bedding

"Three," dark green silk dupioni w/gold, yellow gold, & ivory thread

Mama Cardboard ordered her bedding!

Remember that Mama C. sent her name into Apartment Therapy's Gift Bag giveaway and was lucky enough to walk away with one of the most sought after presents. Inmod graciously allowed her to completely customize her own bedding by using their interactive Design Studio. She was allowed to choose her fabric (linen, silk taffeta, silk dupioni), her pattern (14 choices), and even the separate embroidery colors (hundreds of combinations). The bedding can fit any sized bed (except twin) and shams are included. Although normally the cost of one of these bedspreads ranges from about $200 - $800, for Mama C. it was FREE! Her order should be arriving in a number of weeks. She's excited.

Mama C. went with the "three" design on a dark green silk dupioni with gold & ivory embroidery. She wanted to find something pretty and not too modern or crazy. I think her choice will fit into her neutral bedroom very well. The color palette also seems flexible enough to adjust to a change in paint or carpet.

I think she was wise to go with the
silk dupioni. Hopefully the raw, nubby texture of the dupioni will help hide the tiny claw holes and thread tugs. Because she can say NO CATS ALLOWED on the bed but that doesn't mean they're going to listen.

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Unknown said...

I ran into this site because I was actually looking for the perfect bedding for my new place.I am EXTREMELY picky and have been searching for weeks!!! I would absolutely LOVE to purchase this!!! I read that this was designed by a "mama C" ... Is there ANY WAY I can purchase this??? I would be forever thankful. Please contact me
@ gceja88@yahoo.com ...PLEASE!!!