Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Luck Runs in the Family

Congratulations, Mama C!

Remember how
Apartment Therapy gave me Carlos, the little porcelain dog that now lights my path to the bathroom? Well, I just found out that my very own Mama Cardboard stuck her lucky little hand into the very same Gift Bag and pulled out the Modern Bedding from Inmod! I can't believe it! To be clear, Mama C and I live in different states so we're not breaking the ONE GIFT PER HOUSEHOLD rule.

At first, she wasn't even going to submit her name for the bedding. She found a few styles she liked and thought it was terribly fun that customers can choose their own design but she feared it was all a little "too modern." [She says this with a whisper, much like the Biggest Loser talking about cake]. I convinced her to send in her name and now I get to help pick out a design!

Keeping in mind that we want to take advantage of the creative D(esign)IY process but still suit Mama Cardboard's non-neon ways, here are a few suggestions Porcelain & I conjured up:

"Three" on cream linen with copper & gold embroidery

"Autumn" on sky blue silk dupioni with white & silver embroidery

"Geo circles" on cream linen with chocolate & ocean blue embroidery (detail)

"Autumn" on gray silk dupioni with dark gray & cream embroidery

Try your own hand at textile design by visiting the Inmod Design Studio. Send us your favorites!

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