Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Little Help?



Sometimes, when you're down, don't you wish you could just look right up at your own wall and find the courage to get back on that horse? Well, now you can and it'll only cost you about $20.

We've all seen the glossy framed posters of extreme dew close-ups or solitary mountain climbers against sunsets. Those posters tell us that patience is a virtue or that one set back won't kill us. The messages are important but not many of us can get past the cheesy stock images.

Alternative Motivational Posters provides the encouragement we all need and they do it in style! These posters remind us of the things we should be doing AND manage to look smart at the same time. AMP knows that their posters won't change lives but they do hope they'll "be our cheerleaders on good days and our coaches on bad ones." Each poster is printed in a four-color process on matte card stock so it retains the same qualities as a hand-printed card. They're a pleasure to gaze upon and they might be just the thing to reignite that creative fire within you.

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