Thursday, November 05, 2009

White Velvet & Unwhite Fur

Ooooooh, Velvet Grommet curtains in white (Ivory, really). They're so luxurious and decadent and ON SALE.

But then I remember that I've got a few of these guys at home...

Cardboard's Bird & Mille my wintry white windowscape would end up looking something like this:


Katie said...

Tee hee!

Velvet is a cat fur magnet and I have to constantly remind myself of that fact.

Ali said...

We have navy blue velvet curtains in the bedroom, from the previous owner mind you... and a white cat. Same problem, and they totally look like that.

ps. Awesome photoshop skills! teehee

Anonymous said...

The brown ones aren't bad.

LOL at my captcha code: "cat turbo"