Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gimage: No Pants!

May 2nd (this Friday) is No Pants Day!
A reminder for this festive day popped up in my work (!?) calendar. According to the website, No Pants Day is simply defined as a day without pants (American) or trousers (British). Please understand that this holiday is not a full frontal celebration. All your special bits should remain covered up with "appropriately modest boxer shorts, bloomers, slips, briefs, or boxer-briefs."

Porcelain and I are lucky that we don't have to go to work on Friday (whew!). However, Porcelain just agreed to meet with a craigslist buyer (ha ha!) and Bamboo and I were planning on dropping off the recycling (um, ewww).

If you plan on taking part, get ready by washing out your best knickers now. **See** you on Friday!

* Gimage = Image found when stated phrase searched in Google

Monday, April 28, 2008

Help me find this bread box

Bread box designed by Morph for Joseph Joseph

MoMA used to carry these bread boxes, but now they are no longer available. Does anyone know of any other places in the U.S. selling them? I found them at Joseph Joseph, but the current crappy exchange rate and the insane shipping fee (£45!!!!) just don't make it worth it.

6 & 7

Here are our weekend photos. Visit flickr to see the entire 6 & 7 collection.

Cardboard: left, Porcelain: right

Original inspiration by Stephanie & Mav at 3191

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Flings

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Friday, April 25, 2008

One Fixture; One Question

Nina 4 Light, at CSN Lighting
I'm feeling indecisive today. I came across the Robert Abbey Nina 4 Light and can't tell if I like it or not. It's not a big deal (because there's no chance I'm purchasing said fixture) but I'm always working on honing my preferences and this product is throwing off my rhythm. So, help me out, is this ceiling light flashy and fun or is it (as Porcelain suggested) "just too dang much!"...?

Is the Nina 4 Light flush-mount ceiling fixture cool?
Very. Makes me want to throw down on the shag and shake my afro-puffs to the beat.
I like it but do not understand your implied connection to disco...
That's a negative, captain. TGIF! Who cares about lighting!?
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Bonus Bone: Personalized stationary

Yesterday when I came home from work I found a surprise package from OrangeBeautiful. My very good friend, B, works with Emily and they made me some beautiful personalized stationary. I love the combination of the girly swirls and the crisp, simple font. My last name on the envelope flap is such a nice little detail! Thank you ladies, you two are the best!

[Editor's note: I just spoke to Cardboard and she too received some lovely stationary from B and Emily!!! Seriously, you ladies are the BEST!!!!!]

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Unleaded, Unleaded, Premium Unleaded by Eric Graham, at 20x200

A draft on 20x200 has sat been sitting around for months. I don't know why it has taken me so long to write about this site, maybe I subconsciously wanted to keep it a secret. But the cat's long been out of the bag, what with an article in the New York Times and lots of posts all over blogland.

20x200 is such a great concept. Two new pieces are introduced each week, one photograph and one sketch/drawing/painting/etc. They are available in three different sizes at three different price points ($20,$200, and $2000). Something for everyone. And the work is just incredible, which is why there are some many images in this post. I had the hardest time deciding which one to leave out.

Anyone want to get me the $2000 print of Prospect Park? Cardboard would also like a copy of
Untitled (LA20070805) by Noah Kalina. You would officially become design boner's best friend for life!

Open Book: 50 Sad Chairs

Bill Keaggy's book, 50 Sad Chairs, is finally out. I've been thoroughly moved by Keaggy's work in the past but holding onto a tangible thing brought my appreciation to a new level. After I received my copy in the mail, I devoured it in a mere minutes. Then I reflected...and went back through it again. I believe this sequence will repeat.

It's a physically tiny book - it's cheap - but it's stirring and should be on your coffee table, next to your bed, or snuggled up tight in your purse.

I didn't necessarily snap the photo above with Keaggy's project in mind but when I got home and uploaded it, I realized he sunk into my subconscious more than I thought.

Love it, Bill Keaggy. Congratulations on the published success!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day! - (Now Git to Cleanin')

Porcelain and I celebrated Earth Day today by taking the train to work. Sure, we do that everyday and, no, neither of us have cars...Did you catch that? We're pro-green every day of the week. And riding the CTA daily deserves some aromatherapy.

So we went a little crazy on the Mrs. Meyer's website just now. We feel justified as it's an eco-conscious company making eco-conscious products and we all need to clean (even on the holidays). Here's what ended up in our "bucket:"

I've been stalking the new Basil scent at Whole Foods but they don't seem to carry it yet so I ordered me up some Dish Soap online. I need my dishes to smell like Caprese Salad. Need it.

I also picked up some Lavender Dryer Sheets because I just heard a naesty rumor that regular dryer sheets use animal fats to soften. The Mrs. Meyer's sheets contain a "vegetable-derived softening agent" and I bet they smell a whole field of flowers better than Jewel Brand.

Porcelain entered Geranium kingdom and rode off with some Surface Scrub, Shower Cleaner, and a giant tub of Hand Soap. It is Earth Day so she's working the refill angle (less packaging waste). Way to green it, Porce.

Lastly, Porcelain grabbed some Clary Sage Chamomile Litter Freshener. She's used it in the past and says it smells great but also helps to neutralize the peeps smell. Think I'll have to try some of that next time.

But we're not the only ones who can have this much fun buying cleaning supplies online. Right now Mrs. Meyer's is offering 30% off the entire order. Simply enter in coupon code DC30 at check out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

6 & 7

Here are our weekend photos. Visit flickr to see the entire 6 & 7 collection.

Cardboard: left, Porcelain: right

Original inspiration by Stephanie & Mav at 3191

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bonus Bone: Bootsie's Bunk Cat Bed & PlayRoom

Bootsie's Bunk Cat Bed & Playroom, at Doctors Foster and Smith
Can we all agree that cat furniture is generally hideous? The multi-leveled, carpeted monstrosities that tower in the corners of rec rooms and dens across America will simply never find a way into my heart. I'm not being snobby or hatin' on cats, I just don't want to have nightmares.

Recently, there's been a contemporary tweak in the world of feline furnishings. I've seen some items that look well-designed and modern but, to me, they still look like they're trying too hard.

This boxy cat castle and recliner, on the other hand, is just plain cute. It makes me think of toys, like Legos and Connect Four, I used to play with as a kid. Also, with the basic frame and inoffensive quilted kitty pad, it's not trying to be fancy.

I won't be buying it for my catties because I do have unrestricted access to PLENTY of cardboard boxes. But, with a name like Bootsie's Bunk, I couldn't resist showing it to all of you.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Published Welcome

If you're new to design boner, guided here because you saw Cardboard's home in Apartment Therapy Presents - Welcome! In quick bio, design boner is a nearly-two-year-old blog written by two interiors junkies, Porcelain (Katie) and Cardboard (Jessica). What makes our blog stand out? We walk the line between pretty and pervy and we don't always have the best balance.

So please - have a drink on us, click around, and make yourselves comfortable. We hope you leave here feeling good and want to come back again and again.

And, if this is your 2nd, 104th, 9 millionth...visit - we love you. Thanks for being so loyal and chatty.

Lastly, I understand that some of the text in the AT book is misleading. If you are here because you'd like more information on Andrius Jutzi, we've been advised by our lawyers to state the following:

DESIGN BONER is in no way affiliated with or connected to ANDRIUS L JUTZI. DESIGN BONER holds no interest in or information on ANDRIUS L JUTZI. Any published material stating a union between DESIGN BONER and ANDRIUS L JUTZI is to be considered moot and presently void. For further information on ANDRIUS L JUTZI, contact his representative HERE.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three Potato Four's milk bottle carafes

32 oz. milk bottle carafe, at Three Potato Four

8oz. milk bottle carafe, at Three Potato Four

Love these simple shaped milk bottles with the bold graphic typography now available at Three Potato Four. So many different uses (as pictured): flowers, juice, milk, and why not a pitcher of Bloody Mary's. Mmmm, Bloody Mary's! As an added bonus, Three Potato Four will donate $1 from each Three Potato Four Milk Bottle Carafe sale to Action Against Hunger.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An Enviable Nest

Birdland Bungalow, at Sundance
Welcome home, lucky birdies, your house is cuter than mine.

Monday, April 14, 2008

6 & 7

Here are our weekend photos. Visit flickr to see the entire 6 & 7 collection.

Cardboard: left, Porcelain: right

Original inspiration by Stephanie & Mav at 3191

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Swivel Me, Target

Lots of good swivel action at Target right now. Check out the list:

1. Darius Leather Visitor Chair, $300
Madison Swivel Office Chair, $130
Bungie Low-Backed Chair, $130
Brooklyn Swivel Chair, $300
Baltimore Swivel Chair, $350
Manhattan Swivel Rocker, two for $270
Office Star Palomino Chair, $120
Tribeca Swivel Chair, $80

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Flings

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Bonus Bone: Wall lamp

Wall lamp, at Supermarket

This is such a fun, whimsical lamp designed by things designs ideas. It would be perfect to use it as sconce by your bed. The lamp is constructed of a re-used wooden umbrella handle and a white ceramic shade (formerly an IKEA planter). Simple, fun, and eco-friendly. How could you go wrong?! Oh, and it hangs at a jaunty angle - even better!

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Two Trends Become One

Interiors Trend #1: Deer

Interiors Trend #2: Birds

Deer/Bird, at Etsy, $30
Mash them together and you get Deer/Bird! This small ceramic sculpture, by Etsy artist, therunnybunny, combines the two ubiquitous woodland fads into one "altered assemblage." Upon first glance, you might shrug and think, "Oh, just another deer...waidasecond...that's a bird head!"

It's just the right amount of interspecific creepiness to make the dainty statue stand out.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Blogger on the Block: Strange Closets

I heart the internet!!

T8 from Strange Closets recently emailed Cardboard and me asking us to check out his new blog. I saw he had several posts about Andersonville and Edgewater (two neighborhoods on the north side of Chicago) and his profile mentioned he owned a two flat in Edgewater (my hood). After some emailing back and forth, turns out T8 and I live kitty corner from each other across our alleys! Small freakin' world!!!

Reasons why I love Strange Closets and you should too:

1. I thought I knew a lot about cool places around Chicago, but T8 has clued me into some pretty awesome places. Like here, here, here and here.

2. He has best taste in chairs! I direct you here, here, and here.

3. He's got style! Check out the amazing renovation on his 2 flat.

4. He's a good teacher and has some great posts on design movements, classic furniture, and designers.

Monday, April 07, 2008

6 & 7

Here are our weekend photos. Visit flickr to see the entire 6 & 7 collection.

Cardboard: left, Porcelain: right

Original inspiration by Stephanie & Mav at 3191

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Bonus Bone: My Home's Exterior

As my sister got off the bus the other day, right outside of our condo building, she overheard the bus driver telling another passenger:

"I like that building. That's a nice-looking building."

Then she noticed that he was pointing at our building. And I recently helped choose the exterior paint color for our home!

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Talking Tape

Message Tape, at SUCK UK
Moving forward with our tape obsession (trace the pathology HERE, HERE, and HERE), I found Message Tape. I don't think I need to point out to you all the endless fun you could have with such a simple but ingenious product.

I will tell you that I only wish I had had some of this on-hand while angrily waiting for my EX to come pick up his stuff. Lost opportunities are so sad.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Outdoor lounger

It's sunny and the temperature is over 45 degrees today. That means it's time to daydream of outdoor furniture and Johnny Depp and Christian Bale as our personal pool boys!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Toronto or BUST!

Big - HUGE - news, everyone! I'm moving to Toronto! I can't believe I kept my mouth shut this whole time but I'm a big believer in jinxes so I could spare no hints. After work tonight, I finally got the word that it's a done deal! Sorry I'm babbling but...yippee!

Long story short, I got a big fancy job with a company that begins with a T- and ends with an -ime Warner. That was the final piece of the puzzle I was waiting for. So now that that's done, I can get to the fun stuff like...

I put in an offer on this adorable little place! The alley next to the house isn't ideal but it's an honest-to-goodness house (!) and it's in a sweet neighborhood that reminds me a little of Brooklyn (with the occasional French speaker).

Once I get to my new hometown, I can check out the stunning Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres (above, left) or walk around Toronto's underground city. Of course, I'll be hitting up the Bata Shoe Museum (below, left) and the Ontario College of Art & Design (above, right). I'll spend my free time shopping for upholstery in the Fashion District and passing holiday weekends at icewine vineyards near Niagara. Mostly though, I'll just admire my new skyline (below, right).

To celebrate (and because my new job is cushy), I snapped up this Danish Teak Dining Table on Ebay!

Should I pair it with the glitzy CB2 Bandit chairs (on left) or the curvy Queen Annes from Pottery Barn? I seriously can't believe this is all happening...!

Point & Cross photo by Thoughts Abound
Hardy ha, did I fool you? I almost fooled myself for a second there. And...sigh...now there's a part of me that wishes this wasn't a prank (because it's all stuff that I like).