Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gimage: No Pants!

May 2nd (this Friday) is No Pants Day!
A reminder for this festive day popped up in my work (!?) calendar. According to the website, No Pants Day is simply defined as a day without pants (American) or trousers (British). Please understand that this holiday is not a full frontal celebration. All your special bits should remain covered up with "appropriately modest boxer shorts, bloomers, slips, briefs, or boxer-briefs."

Porcelain and I are lucky that we don't have to go to work on Friday (whew!). However, Porcelain just agreed to meet with a craigslist buyer (ha ha!) and Bamboo and I were planning on dropping off the recycling (um, ewww).

If you plan on taking part, get ready by washing out your best knickers now. **See** you on Friday!

* Gimage = Image found when stated phrase searched in Google


Leah said...

And Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day:


Take that, clothes!


Anonymous said...

Heh. Love it!