Monday, October 12, 2009

Ants in Their Pants (in Bed)

You know how when you change one thing in a room, it makes you want to hurry up and change it all? Well, Alison Rose & Mr. Sketch just painted their run-of-the-mill bureau white and now they're anxious to give it a purty backdrop.

The Newly Painted Bureau

They've been sleeping with the real estate-friendly beige walls since they bought their house a few years ago. Now, they're hoping to go for something rich, deep, and moody-chic.

Bedroom at Present

They first mentioned something about a deep red but, having lived with a purplish-red hallway for awhile, I warned them about it feeling too goth...especially in a boudoir...especially in this age of True Blood.

Then they sent me this color!

They like this jewel-toned blue very much because it provides a big WOW! factor against the white but still works with wood (floors and trim). It's almost perfect, they state, but they started thinking, "Maybe a little more grey...."

And I agree. Their bedroom is coming off a rather dark and narrow hallway so neutralizing it a tad is probably a good idea. But I do think, with two big windows, the bedroom can handle a shade that's fairly dark. So I checked out the Virtual Fan Deck at Benjamin Moore and found...

...Bella Blue! It's a little greyer, a little lighter, it's beautiful, AND it's got some significance to Alison Rose, as it shares a name with the manufacturer of their screen-printed t-shirts. Voila!

Palette Mash; Walls, Wood, White, & Bed

But this is only my opinion. What do you all think?!


Unknown said...

red... what a bitch! we just did that in our living room. Pottery red. I love it but it only took 2 gallons and 4-5 coats! never again. and i would say the same about the dark blue hues too.

advice. go two shades lighter than what you like. And SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE paint first!

Sasha K. said...

My husband and I just painted a wall in our dining room "evening dove". It's a bit darker and bluer than it looks online, closer to the photo your friends gave you, but a bit grayer. So far we love it.

bamboo said...

I'm thinkin' they bought their house only one year ago. ;)

Cardboard said...

Argh, logistics. I stand corrected.