Thursday, September 24, 2009

West Elm's modular coffee table

Modular coffee table, at West Elm

I've been unhappy with my coffee table since the second Hardwood and I carried it out the door of IKEA. It's my own dumb fault. While carrying the hulking box of particle board to the car trunk, my end slipped out of my hands and one of the corners was smashed in. The damage was relatively minor and it is probably something that only I see but it bugs me.

There are aspects of it that I do like: it's big and the perfect height for eating 98% of our meals off of. It's not easy to find these requirements in the style I gravitate towards. Most of them are residents of Chunk City, USA and Pottery Barned up the wazoo! The West Elm table seen above almost meets the size requirements that I want and I love the combination of rich wood and industrial metal. Plus Hardwood has given it the golden seal of approval.


FrugalFag said...

I'm on a new kick where I only want to buy stuff that will look better with age, and I think this fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

I went to check it out in person and it's got great style, but I'm not sure it will stand the test of time. There are little quirks in the frame that I noticed in the floor model such as not being even and not sitting straight. I find that West Elm quality in general is less than stellar. Save your money and wait until you can afford Room & Board.

Katie said...


Thanks for the review!!! I'll save my pennies and keep on looking.