Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Salad Story

Urgh, making dinner. It can be fun, romantic, soothing, etc, but it can also be a pain in the arse.

Between having a broken refrigerator (2 weeks!), hanging out with Heat (3 months!), and working long hours (4-ever), I recently have found myself relying on easy, often-boxed dinners. This means a lot of frozen pizzas and eating out.

When I was living with Bamboo, the two of us got into the good habit of making simple but healthy dinners and exercising more. After a few months of this, I started craving nutrient-rich foods, like big ol' salads and crisp fruit. But I fear I've slipped back to dreaming of a gyros platter with a side of cookie dough.

To get back on track, I hit the gym yesterday and Heat & I made this inspirational salad for dinner:

Start with a big bowl. Throw this stuff in it.
Toss. Eat.

OMG, oishii! I would have taken a photo of the dish but it was late and I was hongry. In truth, the salad isn't much to look at because the avocado smooshes all over but it is very spicy/tasty. And you should try it. And that is all.


bamboo said...

Oishii! Sounds like my type of dish! I need to start cooking here... haven't attempted it yet.

Porcelain said...

Mmmmm! Deeeeeelish!

nessie said...

Ooooh, dangerous to read when hungry--ready to attack the first food I see! BUT, sooo very happy you got that fridge fixed. Heat, huh?!!!

Sarah said...

despite my genetic aversion to cucumbers, this salad sounds A-mazing. i'll be making a cuke-free version, but i thank you nonetheless for the recipe.