Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fridge Foil

While I was relaxing on a long-weekend vacation, my fridge decided to do the same. Slowly but defiantly, the refrigerator section spent four days lazily moving toward a warm, ripe siesta and, just today, the freezer decided to join in the fun.

If you happen to be forced into this disorienting situation (will mustard keep?), here is a handy list of items that should not be given the chance to test the new tropical climate. Immediately feed your dumpster:

  • Turkey Bacon
  • Goat Cheese
  • Pre-Cut Fruit (specifically watermelon and pineapple which melts into a foamy, off-gassing jacuzzi of stink)
  • White Bean Puree
  • Flour Tortillas (that happen to be resting next to the bio hazard that was the pineapple/watermelon)
  • Fish (!)
  • Most Dairy (milk, cream, although butter is a trooper)
I have an appointment (window) with the friendly repair person from Sears tomorrow. I'm hoping I can then run straight to the grocery to re-stock my freezer with Drumsticks and vodka but we'll just have to see.

Perhaps I'll start to enjoy Euro-chic daily market trips, anticipating that evening's menu as I cross cobblestones with single-serving chicken breast and leafy celery stalks in my tote. That, or I'll just start eating a lot of Ramen and crackers. And if Sears jerks me around enough, I might just get rid of the thing all together.

Wish me cool, crisped luck and I'll soon have you over for mayonnaise.


Mama C said...

I guess it's a good chance to clean out the fridge, a task that often gets postponed!

Amanda Wright said...

The same thing happened to us last week. The repair guy came 3 days in a row and finally we just gave up and bought a new fridge. I think the whole "repair man" thing is a scam. Hopefully you will have better luck!

bamboo said...

Courtney always left the butter out in our heater box apartment in Boston so it's cool.

Oh and Japanese restaurants leave the mayo out on heated tables so it's cool too.

I say go fridge-less! awesome!