Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freezer Teaser

I just mentioned to Porcelain how I had never heard of anyone making grape ice cream/sorbet/gelato. Is it even possible?

Turns out, I just don't get my mouth out that much. Porcelain found this recipe for Concord Grape Sorbet on Gourmet. If you don't want to try it for the taste, what about making it solely for that color? Delicious, all around.

Anyone know of any other grape flavored icy desserts? Porcelain's got an ice cream maker and I feel like stuffing it with bunches.


Porcelain said...

I will make you a special batch of something frozen to celebrate your fridge getting fixed!

Jamie said...

David Lebovitz' The Perfect Scoop has recipes for both Grape Granita (p. 151) and for Grape Sorbet (p. 114). Both look yummy. We just got a new ice cream maker as well and this book has us turning out a new batch every few days!

this humble abode said...

I haven't tried grape specifically, but I make granita a lot. You'll need to juice the grapes and add a bit of simple syrup. Pour liquid into a baking dish so that it's not more than an inch deep. Put in the freezer. Two hours later, scrape down the side and stir the whole thing a bit. Freeze again for another few hours. To serve, use a fork and scrape.