Friday, August 14, 2009

Bonus Bone: Great Lakes poster

Great Lakes, at Ork Posters

Hardwood gave me the Chicago neighborhood poster for my birthday a couple years ago. I love its great design and amazing use of typography. So I was tickled pink to see that Ork recently released a poster of the Great Lakes. I hail from Michigan and take great pride showing folks where I grew up on my "mitten", a distinctly Michigan quirk. The first time I did this to an out-of-stater they looked at me like I was crazy. You are from the area just below your thumb??!

For these reasons, I, Porcelain, declare this a Design Boner.


Girl Land said...

Detroit area? I'm in RO. Loves you guys. Read all the time.

Girl Land said...

Oh yeah-- now I remember you just took all those great Detroit pics recently. Duh me. Yay for pointing out your city on your hand.

Porcelain said...

You got it! Northern burbs (Shelby Township to be exact). Ah, Royal Oak! The cool place to hang out in high school.

Rebecca Beagle said...

We Wisconsinites also do the hand map thing, too. Our thumb is just more petite.

wren said...

Seen the michigan typology poster on Etsy yet?[]=tags&includes[]=title

I also just returned from Chicago and while there saw a typography poster of the great lakes but it was in Blue and the Lake-shape was drawn only with words. Any idea where that one is from?