Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Glass canisters

Glass canisters, at CB2

I can be super picky about the most random of objects. For example, I've been looking for the perfect glass canister to hold cotton balls, Q-tips, etc. for several years! They're either too fussy for my tastes or more money than I want to spend on something that I feel "meh" about.

Looks like my search is finally complete. This set from CB2 is just what I was looking for: simple, modern and affordable. $6.95 for the little one and $8.95 for the big one. I'm sold!


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Un-fussy & simplistic is my motto. Hard to go wrong with much of CB2. Great find!

Alison said...

Cute cute! If I didn't already have some, I would be all over these.

eric said...

i need those in my life, too.

Danny said...

I can totally relate to this dilemma. Fortunately I found some at West Elm a few years back that fit the bill. They're simple glass cylinders with very basic shiny metal lids. I think they were a bit more expensive but not as pricey as the Crate and Barrel ones you linked to here.