Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Library Love

This is National Library Week and today just so happens to be National Library Workers Day! This means both Porcelain and I, who slave away daily over stacks of books and bar codes, deserve a nice little treat.

Maybe you'll be so kind as to order us one of these candles which, apparently, fills the air with the aromas of "antiquated leather-bound volumes...and parchment."

Or (preferred option) perhaps you'll book us into a weekend getaway at "Manhattan's most celebrated concept luxury hotel," the Library Hotel.

We'll take The Arts floor - thank you - and your novel is due back in three weeks.


Porcelain said...

Ah DFW!!!!!

I will gladly take either or both of those! Thank you!

Mama C said...

The Library Hotel has the same quote as the DPL...

nessie said...

hmmmmmm?! At 45 bucks a pop, you may want to be content with sniffing the real thing!