Friday, April 17, 2009

Bonus Bone: Dora Moore Elementary School

Dora Moore Elementary, at City-Data

This weekend, I'm heading home. Home = Denver, Colorado, for all you not in the know. Even though I'll only spend about 47 seconds there before I leave on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, I'm still pondering all the places, comforts, smells, and smothered burritos that, for me, define HOME.

Many people may bring up the Cash Register building, when highlighting Denver architecture, but there is one building that comes to the forefront of my mind when I think of all the bricks and mortar that Denver has to offer. That building is Dora Moore Elementary School.

Dora Moore, 2008 House Tour

I spent about six years roaming these halls, trailing my "grubby biscuit hooks" down the wooden stair rails and ingesting the smell of glue and pencil shavings. When I was there, I was probably more concerned with penmanship and the careless glances of boys, and I certainly didn't appreciate my time there. But I, like, sure do now.

After brief research, I found out that the building was designed by Robert S. Roeschlaub in 1889 and is considered to be his architectural opus. I remember when, in 1993, the building was restored and an addition was constructed. Folks 'round the hood were nervous but, I believe, the added space retained/didn't mess with the integrity of the structure. In fact, Dora Moore was the first school to become a local landmark and I am proud to say that I learned my ABC's in this beautiful space.

So proud, in fact, that I recently bought a school pride T-shirt (which I never do) and wore it to my 32nd birthday/bowling party.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.


Mama Cardboard said...

You, too, can share in Cardboard's memories, as Dora Moore is open this weekend as part of Doors Open Denver ( DOD "celebrates the local architects that have shaped Denver during a FREE two-day event that allows you to go behind the scenes of the city’s significant architectural gems and lesser-known treasures". Notes on Dora Moore: "Opening as Corona School, one could see all the way to Broadway and the west. Indian campers and their campsites could also be seen!" Awesome...

Angela Schwab said...

I hope you have a good western road-trip! Wish we could meet up for apple pie with a slice of cheese like last time :)

Cardboard said...

They'll be another time in the future, for sure. Thanks for the happy road trip thoughts!

Cardboard said...

Oh, and another THANK YOU goes out to Mama C and her thorough Dora Moore/Denver architecture promotion. Awesome, indeed.