Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You Feng Shui?

So I'm cleaning up again (always) but - seriously now - I've got a whole lot of purging/arranging/painting/nailing ahead of me. As I lug furniture about, I've begun pondering the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

The only thing I know, in compliance with this system, is that I'm not supposed to face a bed toward a door, a task that can prove challenging in Chicago's tradition of quaint and oddly-shaped bedrooms.

Since I just listed
my only manual for sale on Amazon, I'm wondering...does feng shui really work?


Angela Schwab said...

my acupuncturist did a house call once (I know, so Boulder, right?) and told me I had to put a mirror above my desk so I would see if someone came up to the window behind me. So I have, ever since. and it makes me feel safe. Now if I could just believe that I'm not going to get grabbed when I walk by the bed, my life would be so great.

bamboo said...

you're link doesn't go to your page, just the general one for the book. did you want to link to your page?

anyway, i think every room i've ever slept in had the bed pointed right at the door... i wonder if this has any connection with boyfriends? hehe.

columnist said...

If you believe in it, it works. But many of the tenets of fung shui are just "being sensible", though of course they have taken on a new life to justify the geomancer's fee!