Monday, March 30, 2009

Smart Art

The instant I saw this sweet print, it became my laptop wallpaper. Sometimes you just need that extra reassurance, you know?

Thanks to Laura George for creating the perfect motivational tool for and to the SCOOP for helping me find it.


Angela Schwab said...

I needed that. and I just set it as my desktop wallpaper too. thanks :)

at a particularly difficult point in college, I used one of those label makers to write "I'm doing a good job" and stuck it to my bathroom mirror. except it came out "I' m doing a g ood jo" and that actually made more sense.

Alison said...

I need that guy telling me that too, so it's set as mine now too ;)

bamboo said...

that's what i've been trying to tell everyone! HA! I'm setting it to mine too. :)

bamboo said...

Well, I'm using the "Things are going to work out."