Monday, March 09, 2009

Couch on the FLOR

I just received the most recent FLOR catalog and flipped through it, mostly out of courtesy, as I'm not currently in the market for carpet squares for the flo(o)r. But - lo and behold! - I found something I wasn't expecting: I fell in love with a couch in a carpet magazine. It's lovely!

From this angle, it's hard to tell if the structure of the sofa (loveseat?) is the perfect accompaniment to the Rock of Beef Bus. I quite simply adore the fabric. I'm a total sucker for nubby tweeds, in earth tones, that are also...[trifecta drumroll]...soft.

But now we have a predicament, one can buy the FLOR tiles HERE but who knows anything about that sofa? Do you think it's a store standard or a custom job? Um, Cost Plus? Room & Board? Anyone...?

1 comment:

Alison said...

Have you tried contacting Flor and asking about the couch? I agree it looks quite delectable