Friday, December 05, 2008

Full of Grace (!)

Grace has been found! I don't know if it was St. Francis, luck, or fate but I think it might be a bit of all three. Here's the happy story:

My sister and her BF were hanging out last night, post dinner and jammie wearin', when they got a phone call. Mr. Sketch answered the ring and yelled to Alison Rose to put her shoes on 'cause someone might have found Grace! Turns out that, after nine scary days outside, skinny and tired little Gracie walked right into their neighbor's house, not even caring that they had a big ol' dog.

The wildest part of the story is that they had Chinese food for dinner, right before receiving the call, and shown above is the true and actual fortune that Mr. Sketch cracked out of his cookie.


bamboo said...

that photo of ali and grace makes me weepy. yay.

Kelly said...

oh i'm so, SO glad! YAY!


Bree said...

That is so AWESOME!!! Fills me cold Yankee heart with love and hugs, it do.

Could you please get your sister to ask Grace where Walter went? :(

nessie said...

Hoorah for the good news--I know that happy feeling of a cat reappearing--one of the top best feelings to experience! Now, just for the heck of it, maybe someone should buy some lottery tix with those fortune cookie numbers!!

Cardboard said...

Oh Bree! Oh Walter! I'm so sad that Walter never came home. Maybe he saw some terrible cat gang activity and had to join the Witness Protection Program.

His name is probably Jason and he most likely lives in Flagstaff, AZ. He thinks of you often.

Alison said...

Just wanted to thank everyone for their warm wishes and helping us keep hope alive even after 9 days with Grace gone! We are still very much in shock of the whole situation and believe ourselves very very lucky.

Ana said...

oh yay!

That's wonderful news!

flurogoddess said...