Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Beautiful Purpose

I've always loved the idea of glass food storage. Although glass might be more cumbersome than plastic, it also strikes me as cleaner and definitely more chic.

These stackable glass compartments from CHEFS, however, fit together snugly due to their bubble-top design.

The allure of glass + the utility of plastic = best of both worlds.


Ali said...

Glass is actually better to use because it takes less energy to keep it cold in your fridge! So not only is it more 'chic' than plastic tubs... it lowers your carbon footprint too!

chinesetwine said...

we've been using frigoverre glass containers for a couple of years now & they're great -


i think we might have some pyrex ones too which were the cheapest but also the least attractive.

Anonymous said...

PLUS--one can't minimize the lack of worry about leaching toxins when microwaving in glass as opposed to plastic....I'm assuming the lid fits snugly enough to make this a portable container?!

genevieve said...

I love these, they seem so tactile you would be making more food on purpose just so you could store it. Or at least, maybe I would.