Monday, September 01, 2008

A Laborious Update

Wash the dishes
One load of laundry
Call Alison Rose
Take photos of my neighbor's porch
Pay four bills
Weed through clean laundry for items to donate or swap
• Put remaining clean laundry away
Compose two brilliant blog posts
Clear all stuff collected on my bedroom bureau

Okay, well, I got close. I did wash all the dishes and complete one load of laundry. I gabbed with Alison Rose for a good long while and also chatted with Porcelain and Mama Cardboard. Taking photos of my neighbor's porch was my Hail Mary and I can't quite believe I got that done (see above). Bill payments and clothes sorting, check. I didn't put all my clean clothes away but that makes for an exciting Tuesday night. This post makes three four bloggies and the surface of my bureau is seeing light for the first time in months.

I hope you too had a great Labor Day!

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