Monday, July 14, 2008

Naked Laundry & Michael Jackson

Porcelain studied in France during college and Cardboard spent a short vacation in Paris. In honor of Bastille Day, we're letting you in on our favorite French anecdotes. Viva la...

When I went to ask my French host mom how to use their crazy European washing machines, she was outside sunbathing in the nude. I wasn't expecting to find her like that and wasn't quite sure where to look and not look. Oh, and the washing machine was crap - didn't really clean the clothes all that well and they always came out stiff and crusty 'cause of the crazy spin cycle.


The friend I was visiting had to work so I was off wandering around Paris by myself when some Italian dude tried to hit on me outside of Notre Dame. (My friend warned me about the Italians). He was pleasant and chatty and then asked me back to his place to "...listen to Michael Jackson and drink Orangina." Best pick-up line EVER! Shoulda' gone with him, if only for the novelty.


Celebrate Bastille Day by feeling no guilt about the quantity of cheese and butter you'll consume with dinner tonight.

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