Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Speaking of Butter...

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's rich and creamy holiday. I found this smart little product while I was googling "French design," "home beret," and (of course) "butter."

I love me some soft butter. My problem is that I don't eat it enough to keep it unrefrigerated. And I can't possibly think ahead enough to pull it from the ice box and let it warm up on its own. This dilemma usually leaves me monitoring the microwave (Two seconds? No. Two more seconds? No.) or chipping butter bits off the fridged-solid stick.

Here's how it works:
Pack a single stick of softened butter into its lid, fill the base 2/3 full of pure water and then invert the lid into the base. A seal keeps oxygen out and freshness in.

Now how do you say "genius" in French?


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You can actually leave butter unrefrigerated...that's what the Europeans do!