Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Sweepstakes Winners: The Gifts

We finally heard from our birthday sweepstakes winners. They received our gifts without a scratch and we're happy to hear that they love them! Let's see what you all think:

katie of katiedid was the recipient of our "Nice & Pretty" gift. We sent her this lovely hand-crafted lotus tea light holder. Check out her blog for a really nice Thank You post and to see how perfectly (!) this new accessory fits into her decor.

Elizabeth of A Browner Brown was the lucky winner of our "Hahaha" present. We found this "Beautiful Napkin" in the local New Buffalo dollar store and couldn't resist the lure.

Both fellow bloggers also received a commemorative limited-edition design boner paperweight. There are only two of these hand-painted rarities in existence so, if times become desperate, we understand if you ladies contact Christie's for an appraisal.

Spend some quality time checking out our New Buffalo vacation pics, which include one heck of a celebratory peeni cake and a bunch of weird portraits. And make sure to keep us all up in your Google Reader. Year #3 is bound to be filled with tons of bonerocity and, of course, more kooky giveaways!

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