Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Birthday Sweepstakes Winner(s)!

Our birthday sweepstakes gift hunt was exhausting. We just had to find the perfect present because you guys mean so much to us. Our first choice was the house shown above but - even after emptying six wallets on the table - we couldn't scrape up the 1.5 million needed to buy. (You heard that right - this little brown pebble is listed at $1,500,000 but Lake Michigan is basically in the backyard so...)

But then we found something even better more affordable. In fact, we got so into the search that we chose TWO gifts! One we think is rather nice and pretty and the other one is hahahahahahaha. We can only reveal that much now because we want the winners to be surprised before we publish cadeau pics for the whole world. So, without further ado, we randomly drew the following loyal readers' names (and comments) out of Porcelain's cute knitted coinpurse:

Nice & Pretty goes to...katiedid!

I remember the day I turned two....putting out my candles with the palm of my hand.... eating cream...vomiting up all over uncle tom's new wingtips.....then taking a nice long nap. Ah yes...those were the days.

Happy Birthday and have a great vaykay!

Hahaha, etc goes to...Elizabeth!

I'm sure whatever you two come up with will pretty much be the best prize ever. Happy Birthday!

Congrats on letting us gift you on our birthday, ladies! Email us HERE with your mailing addresses (which will, of course, self-destruct after we label the boxes) and we'll ship your gifties right out.

Thanks to everyone who tried to let us buy your love. Stay tuned to see our selections...


Katie said...

Congrats girls!!!

Ha! I like that in the Realtor listing they only show one photo of the interior and not even that much. The rest is all beach shots!!! I so want to know how bad it is inside!

katiedid said...

Thanks so much girls!!!!!! I am posting a formal thankyou on my blog tonight! I love it, I love it, I love it!