Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweepstakes Reminder

Porcelain & I are back in Chicago, after having the best time in New Buffalo, MI. While we're busy uploading our sure-to-be hilarious and/or beautiful photos, don't forget to enter our birthday sweepstakes for our sure-to-be hilarious and/or beautiful gift!

SORRY - the sweepstakes is over!
Deadline: Monday, June 16th @ noon CST


Delicate Creature said...

hi! recently found your site and was thrilled to see a posting about new buffalo. love the area and am getting married there in oct!

did you make it to lovell & whyte? that would definitely give you a design boner. ;)

Katie said...

hi delicate creatures!

i'm sure you'll have an amazingly fun wedding there. we all fell in love with new buffalo and can't wait to go back as soon as we can.

we did not make it to lovell & whyte. but thanks for dropping that name. it is now in our radar and we'll definitely make sure to stop next time we are in the area.