Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day! - (Now Git to Cleanin')

Porcelain and I celebrated Earth Day today by taking the train to work. Sure, we do that everyday and, no, neither of us have cars...Did you catch that? We're pro-green every day of the week. And riding the CTA daily deserves some aromatherapy.

So we went a little crazy on the Mrs. Meyer's website just now. We feel justified as it's an eco-conscious company making eco-conscious products and we all need to clean (even on the holidays). Here's what ended up in our "bucket:"

I've been stalking the new Basil scent at Whole Foods but they don't seem to carry it yet so I ordered me up some Dish Soap online. I need my dishes to smell like Caprese Salad. Need it.

I also picked up some Lavender Dryer Sheets because I just heard a naesty rumor that regular dryer sheets use animal fats to soften. The Mrs. Meyer's sheets contain a "vegetable-derived softening agent" and I bet they smell a whole field of flowers better than Jewel Brand.

Porcelain entered Geranium kingdom and rode off with some Surface Scrub, Shower Cleaner, and a giant tub of Hand Soap. It is Earth Day so she's working the refill angle (less packaging waste). Way to green it, Porce.

Lastly, Porcelain grabbed some Clary Sage Chamomile Litter Freshener. She's used it in the past and says it smells great but also helps to neutralize the peeps smell. Think I'll have to try some of that next time.

But we're not the only ones who can have this much fun buying cleaning supplies online. Right now Mrs. Meyer's is offering 30% off the entire order. Simply enter in coupon code DC30 at check out.

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Anonymous said...

Cool-my olfactory synapses started firing just reading this post! I wasn't really aware of this brand (just peripherally), so thanks for highlighting their offerings. AND, what an awesome deal on the cost!!! I'm going to be passing this info along, for sure! .. and, now what's this other thing---a litter box planter? Hmmm? In the living room?!!