Monday, January 21, 2008

Stylish...Binder Clips?

If I had an assistant who chewed her gum a bit too loudly and wore her blouses a bit too tight, I'd buy these binder clips for her on her birthday. I know she'd love them because she'd start coordinating the enamel on her 2" long nails with her files.

But I don't have such an assistant. Guess I'll have to buy them for myself.


Anonymous said...

tssk, tssk. for when the day comes that you might have an assistant, you should never buy them office products for their birthday. give these binder clips to her or even him as an everyday gift. give them a gift that's a little more personal for something as special as a birthday. warmly signed - Etiquette Boner

cardboard said...

Touche! I would have made the worst boss EVER! I will officially create an Etiquette Boner folder and file this advice promptly.