Monday, January 21, 2008

The El Camino Master Plan

Ever since I knew that cars meant more than just a ride home from soccer, I have loved the El Camino. This vehicle is the perfect blend of cool and trashy, car and truck. Even now, if someone gave me the choice between a brand new Escalade (or whatever the kids are driving these days) or a busted up, rusty Chevrolet El Camino, I'd say throw me the keys to the Cameen and get outta my way.

But my love for the El Camino is not necessarily automotive. I have no idea how safe it is, what kind of gas mileage it gets, how it handles a sharp turn, or how fast it will go. To be honest, I only love it for its body. The ridiculous combination of car (no, wait) truck gets me every time. Each time I see one (and I admit that it's been awhile), I can't help but smile. And, even though its title is translated as "The Road," I'd take my El Camino off the street and plunk her right in my back yard.

Wait, wait, though - this is not turning into some hillbilly fantasy! I do have a plan.

Check it: I want to find an El Camino and pimp out the body. I want it lacquered and glistening. I don't need anything fancy like iridescent paint, but something classic, like a smooth cherry red. It will need some kind of detailing along the body: my name painted in a swirling cursive or maybe some inspirational phrase (ie: Taking Care of Business). Basically, I want my El Camino to be the envy of the entire car show.

And then I want to situate my perfect specimen in my back yard or along the side of the house, build a deck around it, and (yes!) make it into a hot tub. I can hear you laughing now but this idea is genius, I tell you. Of course, the bed of the "truck" part would be the jacuzzi and the windows into the cab would open onto a...full bar & stereo system. Yes, yes, y'all; I have dreamt about this for a long time.

Which brings me to the main reason for this "Ode to Camino" post...

Daryl Hannah is selling her "Bad Ass Biodiesel El Camino" (1983) on Ebay and I so wish I had the room for it.

Thanks to Ecofabulous for the tip!


Amy Turn Sharp said...

Dude. You don't want one... That is what my mom drove me to school in much to my chagrin...AGH! I hate them! But, you would most likely be able to incorporate some cool design elements to yr own cami:)

Pink Wallpaper said...


Porcelain said...

TCB Baby!!!!

Ana said...

I share your el camino lust.

I just want to drive one though, no hot tubs here.

I saw a gold one the other day it was sweeeeet.

ali said...

I can't believe I am reading this because I feel like I wrote it. My uncle had a fantastic-looking El Camino when I was a kid and I was always begging my parents to buy one so we could put a hot tub in the back.

Good minds think alike. :) Plus, Justin Bobby from The Hills drives one, I think.

Hearts and Crafts said...

I definitely share your love for the El Camino! My dad had one when I was young. The day he traded it in for a new truck was a very very sad day!

Jeff heflin said...

The first car i ever bought was a 1976 El Camino, and it was the greatest feelings in the world. I loved to sit behind the wheel of my big v-8, boatload El Camino. The power and the look made me feel like a badass and I would give anything to have another one.


Anonymous said...

good idea.....but i'd rather drive that wicked sumbitch. word.