Thursday, January 17, 2008

Covet/Own It: Art Deco Bar Cart

Chip Kidd has been all over the web lately. I've never heard of him until now but, apparently, he's a bad-ass in the world of (book cover) design. I learned the most about Kidd from Door Sixteen, who wrote this knowing post about his recent Dwell interview. (Thanks for the "most rockstar" scoop, D16!). She also linked to this few-year-old New York Times tour of his house. This is where this post gets interesting...

The photo on the left was taken at Kidd's apartment. According to the NY Times, the "nickel and glass rolling tea cart" cost $2,000 and was purchased at Skyscraper Antiques.

The photo on the right was lifted from the Target website because, the day before all this Kidd madness, I bookmarked it and sent it to our friend, Formica, who has a thing for funky furnishings (and drinking). Target's Roaring 20's Serving Cart is made from "nickel, metal, classic glass" and costs only $230 (minus a 15% discount, if you act now).

If you're like me (and Formica) and can't afford to drop two grand on a serving cart but might be able to scrounge up a couple hundred, I'm happy to present you with the Target version. Just make sure to read the reviews because there seems to be some issue with the wheels.


Bree said...

Ahhh! I met Chip Kidd once!!! For a young guy who was (is) universally adored as a wunderkind of the industry, he was very, very cool and laid back.

Plus he has stellar taste in bar carts. So, there's that.

Porcelain said...

Chip Kidd wrote a great book a few years ago called Cheese Monkeys. The Library has it. I definitely recommend it.

Anonymous said...

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