Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great gifts under $50: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia t-shirt

...and that is the night the lights went out in Georgia t-shirt, available at Frugal Fashion

Cardboard and I LOVE the show Designing Women. In fact, one of our possible Halloween costumes was going to be the gals from the show. I think Cardboard would make a great Julia Sugarbaker. And with my red hair and sassy attitude, I was born to play Mary Jo Shively!

When our BBFF (best blogging friend forever) Frugal Fag told us he was designing a t-shirt inspired by one of the great Sugarbaker monologues, we knew we had to get one. And we knew that we couldn't be the only Designing Women fans out there!!! This t-shirt and DVD would make any Southern Belle swoon.


FrugalFag said...

Thanks for the link, girls! My favorite thing about the shirt is that whenever I wear it, strangers feel compelled to talk to me about it and they're always the kind of people I'd actually want to get to know better. I guarantee buyers will experience at least a 73% increase in Sassitute(tm) every time they put it on!

Porcelain said...

Oooo, 73% I like those numbers honey!

Fairfax said...

i am suzanne sugarbaker. totally. i even used to have an anthony in my life.