Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flying Duck

The first thing I noticed (and liked) about Flying Duck is their homepage: a simple interior rendering that keeps the focus on their vibrant merchandise. Very nice!

Then I checked out the stuff. Their bags, pillows, and wall art, inspired by African textile design, are boldly batiked and vividly patterned. Normally, I find batik to be a tad hokey (with the propensity toward marine life and palm trees and all). But Flying Duck has steered away from that tradition and, instead, focused on yummy color combinations and organic pattern. When used in moderation, these pieces could easily provide that that perfect "pop of color."

And there's not a sea turtle in sight...

Flowering Vine Wall Art

Over the Rainbow Wall Art


Abbey said...

Loving the round pillow!

cardboard said...

That's my favorite too! Saved the best for last.