Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alison Rose: the Blog

Alison Rose, one of our most favoritest designers of handmade stuffs, just created a BLOG! It's a good thing they did too, 'cause they're gettin' all famous and hard to track down.

They've been busy with their new fashion line which just came out and will soon be featured in an alternative OH newspaper. In fact, they're hosting a
release party for the original designs on Nov 2nd. If you're in the Columbus (OH) area, they'd love for you to stop by, nibble some vegan cupcakes, and say, 'Hello, Alison and Nicholas, I'd like to buy this bag/t-shirt/wallet/entire collection."

If you're a little further away, like us, just bookmark their new blog (and
online shop) so you'll never miss out on the bad-ass crafty happenings.

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