Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Buy PrairieMod

Sullivan Chicago Stock Exchange Elevator Grille, $30

PrairieMod, one of our local design blogger BFFs, just announced that they've opened an online store! They're starting small but continuously on the hunt for merchandise that promotes the PrairieMod lifestyle. Right now, they've got the standard t-shirts & coasters but they've also got these mini-screens that we just love! Each laser-cut screen (available in cherry or maple) measures 8.5" x 4" and is the perfect ornament to hide a computer screen or cast shadows on the wall next to your favorite lamp. Such a simple idea and so beautifully executed. Click over and check out the goods!

Japanese Stylized Leaves, $30

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Liquid said...

Was just surfing the net and found your blog. Very interesting! Loved it and just had to blog-roll you!