Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Danish modern side table @ Urban Outfitters

Danish Modern side table, available at Urban Outfitters

There are some days when I'm just too pooped to go hunting all over Craigslist for that perfect little Danish Modern piece. I just want it presented to me and to fulfill my criteria. This morning I spotted this cute table in the Danish Modern style at Urban Outfitters. Not too shabby! Although I will say there ain't nothing like an original. I love vintage pieces, they have so much more character, not to mention better quality. But this little guy will do in a pinch.


Anonymous said...

I agree - but for us budget conscious folk this replica really isn't all that bad. I think it would be perfect next to be bed!

Katie said...

my thoughts exactly jessica!!! most of the time i can't afford and original piece, sometimes you can get lucky on craigslist, but those are few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree - I love it as a bedside table - great place to stuff all my evening reading material!