Friday, January 05, 2007

Bonuser Bone: Fiesta Dinnerware in Pearl Gray

Last Friday, I flew back from Denver. This translates to me spending another 9.5 hours inside various airports, playing GameBoy, drinking lattes, and missing my connecting flights. Needless to say, the last thing I wanted to do when I strolled through my front door at 10pm (without my luggage) was hop right on the computer and find a Bonus Bone. So - SURPRISE - I'm doing a second one today, a Bonuser Bone!

I spent New Year's Eve with a new friend who just happens to be a Fiesta Dinnerware fanatic. His obsession even led him to rent out a tiny little storefront and make a business out of collecting and selling this brightly-colored dishware. His store recently closed and so when I entered his house for the first time on eve of the New Year, it was like sneaking into a "Fiestaware" Museum! The kicky dishes were displayed everywhere: mugs on shelves, plates on hooks, mixing bowls stacked against spoon rests and platters. Each type of dish (dipping bowls, S&P shakers, teeny tiny pitchers) was proudly represented in every color available (or currently unavailable).

I used to think that all Fiestaware was a little garish. I imagined colors like lemon yellow, tangerine, royal purple, and forest green. It is true that Fiestaware does produce loud, saturated colors such as Shamrock, Peacock, and Scarlet. Yet I never knew they could do subtle so well.

Fiesta Pearl Gray, Retired in 2001

I fell in love with the Pearl Gray shade. The hue is so lovely and soft, like a light layer of fog across a lavender garden. Er, something like that. Sadly, I discovered that this color was introduced in 1999 and retired only 2 years later. Yet I needn't worry, there are plenty of online vendors who carry Fiesta Dinnerware. I'm not too worried about finding a couple interesting pieces. I think I might have to give my new friend a call...

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.


nicholas said...

Did you know that Fiestaware started and is still made in a small town minutes from Steubenville??!?! WHO KNEW? yay!

Anonymous said...

my mom is a fiestaware fanantic, and i am always jealous of her gorgeous collection.

Anonymous said...

Viva la!!!

- An anonymous JaGoFF