Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Design of the Music

A friend of ours was recently inspired by our shiny, new blog and decided to start one of his own. It's about music not design but it's still worth a peek!

I decided to draw him up a photoshop sketch to usher him into the world of blogging. His girlfriend is the one who designed our "logo" so now, I guess, it's tradition.

Welcome to blogging, Who Killed the Mixtape?!


Devon said...

Yay for Nick and his new blog! Looks like yours is going strongly. I'm glad! I like the post of the old peeling paint house. I agree, don't seal/paint it! Anyway, just a quick hello.

cardboard said...

Actually, I would want to seal that wood on the peely paint house with a waterproof clear coat. You do have to think about protecting it from further exposure and damage. It's like pausing deterioration in its tracks!

nicholas said...

hey! thanks for the shout out!