Saturday, August 05, 2006

Boot Room

Flipping through the latest Anthropologie catalog, I fell in love with two pairs of boots. They're HAWT.
The basic:

And the sassy:

fifteen minute boots, $558.00
I really just wanted to show off these boots but I can put a design spin on it. Imagine a den or a library decorated around these two pairs of boots. I would install one full wall of bookshelves and stain them a deep molasses brown. I'd furnish with rich leather chairs, also brown and studded. The walls would be Venetian plaster in a moody red, with hints of gold to bring depth to the shade. Then I'd pull in the accent of tarnished brass: on lamps, sconce lighting, pencil cups, fireplace pokers, and throw pillows. And I haven't quite thought about the colors yet but I'm fairly certain the drapes would be in a stripe.


Jessica said...

That is one section I love of Domino magazine, when they take an outfit or an object and create an entire room for it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the brand of the brown "overachiever" boots?

cardboard said...

Don't know. And it now appears that they're no longer available online. The link only takes you to the Anthropologie home page. Bummer. I do remember that they were made in Portugal though!

Anonymous said...

I second the wanting to know the brand of the overachiever boots! I will try to get someone at anthropologie to tell me and I will let you guys know.