Monday, July 03, 2006


After 33 days (!) of waiting and baiting, the final squirrel in my ceiling has been apprehended!

Since May 31st, I have been constantly checking the trap, moving the trap, scraping old, dried bread from the trap. About two weeks ago, I began to whisper to the squirrel, clucking and chirping to him in (what I imagined was) his language. It's rather a feat to translate promises of foliage (instead of fiberglass) with the simple click-click of the tongue. I also figured out how to place the trap UP IN THE CEILING because I think having the trap on the floor probably made him feel too vulnerable to come down and taste the goodies.

The goodies I speak of, the daily squirrel specials, were varied. My internet research advised baiting with nuts, seeds, molasses, peanut butter, oatmeal, anything that will “give off an odor they like.” * G
rains, popcorn, and apples were said to have “visual and taste appeal.” * I tried out most of these snacks and, at my most desperate moments, also served Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, Cheerios, thin-sliced turkey meat, and shiny bells (sparkle worked on Janel's raccoon). I'm convinced that what finally worked was the strategic placement of the trap and Entenmann's Plain Donuts.

Thanks, Entenmann's.
* "Squirrels in your Belfry,"


Jessica said...

problems with squirrels?

Sara said...

Yeah! I can't believe of all the delicious treats you left out to tempt the lone holdout, he succumbled to Entenmann's donuts!