Thursday, June 22, 2006

Design Hindrance

This is the current state of my laundry room.
I need your help!
I'm just being dramatic. Since this photo was taken, I have cleaned up the piles of insulation but the ceiling still remains open and scary looking! You see, my laundry room has become hostel for a family of free-loading, fluffy-tailed squirrels. I succeeded in Great Stuffing Mama Squirrel out but, when I did that, I trapped her two babies inside. I spent all of Memorial Day ripping down the fiberboard drop ceiling & fiberglass insulation, hunting for a pink, squirming bundle of hairless baby squirrels. It turned out that the babies weren't helpless, just lazy, and they were still living with Mom even though they had all their fur and seemed to be able to run pretty well.

I know they can run because every time I open the basement door, they scatter as if caught shoplifting almonds at Whole Foods.

I bought a NO-KILL trap and caught one beast with a tiny but delicious peanut butter and white bread sandwich. It took about three days to lure the first one into the trap. But now it's been two weeks and the second one is holding out. I've tried peanut butter, oatmeal, molasses, nuts, Cinna Stix from Domino's Pizza...

I beg you to help me catch this wily little devil so that the ceiling reparations may begin. I'm trying out a new plastic paneled ceiling and I'm excited to get going on it. Plus, I'm not too keen on the creepy cable snakes (see photo above) that drop down and brush against the back of my neck while I'm loading my dirties.

Let the advising begin!


Sara said...

I'd once seen a squirrel nibbling a stray french fry. Maybe that will tempt the remaining furry squatters out.

Good luck with this one.

porcelain said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious!!!! Cardboard you can kill two birds (or should I say squirrels) with one stone. You can get rid of squirrel #2 AND do that Supersize Me French Fry experiment. See what lasts longer. The fry or the squirrel.